Placement at Cinema & Co: Month 1!

Over the course of the next few months, for our professional practice module, I’ll be keeping a log (in the form of this blog you’re currently reading) of my time on placement at Cinema & Co. in Swansea. From this, I’ll hopefully be able to see a gradual increase in skills and will be able to reflect on my time as a whole. This is the first of the three blogs that will be uploaded, and serves as my introduction, as well as a base fr the skills I should be developing soon. These are my first four days (across roughly a month) at Cinema & Co!


The first day, as is the case in most things, can always be a bit nerve wracking, but I felt very welcome at Cinema & CO. and was thrown straight into things. The main part was a meeting about future events and expanding the cinema into new and exciting fields. We discussed the agenda for the coming year, and how I could help out and contribute in my own way. From this, we decided my role would be split into two forms. Firstly (and arguably my main role) would be helping run the Cinema & KO. Event, which was a new, monthly gaming night the team were trialling. Secondly, I would help out by filming promotional material, in order to expand my practical skills, and also help showcase what makes the cinema so great.

After the meeting on the first day, we decided that the weekend event (a dog friendly screening of Lady and the Tramp) could be a great opportunity for filming, so I grabbed my gear and headed down. It was a great opportunity to expand my practical skills by filming on a semi-professional level and proved to be a very rewarding experience. Before the film started, I filmed the foyer/bar area, in order to showcase the venue itself. After this, I moved into the screen room, and filmed everyone and their dogs getting ready for the screening itself. Before leaving, I even managed to get some footage of the dogs enjoying the film, which I felt would really help sell the event!

Day three was my first real placement day where I helped out in the cinema itself. My first task here was to edit a trailer reel. This reel was to be shown during intervals and before the main film screening, in order to advertise upcoming events and film showings. I developed my editing skills quite well here and learned a little bit on how advertising is properly run in a business like this. The trailer reel had to include a trailer for the film (obviously) and details on the date and time it would be shown. If it was an event rather than a film screening, instead I would include relevant pictures that showcase it, or even a previous advert from a past event. After completing this task, we prepared the space for a new lighting system that would be set up a week later, during my next and final placement of this month.

For my fourth day (the final day of this month, and the last day for this blog!) I helped install the lighting system that we had previously prepared for and made final arrangements for the launch of Cinema & KO. Installing the lighting system proved quite difficult, as we had to ensure that all the lights could be controlled remotely, but I certainly learnt a lot about lighting that could prove very useful when filming. Furthermore, seeing how the system all linked up and how it would be used for live music or comedy proved equally interesting. I then helped make final preparations for Cinema & KO. which was happening soon. This included creating a list of potential games that could be played and thinking of unique selling points or prizes. I also managed to contact some people who I’d worked with previously, in GAME, in order to link up for the event, which would increase the number of consoles and games we’d have, and also allow an expansion in terms of advertising too.


Overall, my placement at Cinema & CO. so far has been a rewarding experience, as I’ve managed to pick up some new things, and also expand on things I already know, which hopefully will help me when looking for career opportunities later down the line. The next step is to see how successful the launch of Cinema & KO. is (which should hopefully be highlighted in my next blog!) and begin to expand it further, by reviewing the pros and cons of the event itself. Also, I’ll hopefully be able to expand my practical skills further by doing more promotional filming and have a chance to edit and upload the dog friendly screening video!

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